Automation of Insurance Services

Operating costs are something every business struggles to drive down, and those in the insurance space are no exception.  One such company approached us with a problem; they had identified one of their departments as being operationally heavy due to a large number of manually intensive processes that their business relied on.

After identifying and mapping their most time consuming manual process, we performed a time study to determine the average handle time of that process.  By combining this data with the salary information of those performing the work, we were able to establish what that specific process would continue to cost the business over a 3 year period.

Our next step was to design an automated solution and perform user acceptance testing.  Once signed off on by the business, the process went live and the results were impressive.  In just 42 working days, our RPA solution ran in the background and accomplished what would have cost the business 1,860 man-hours to complete – even while limited by the company’s system down time.  This is just one snapshot of an ongoing process that continues to save that company money today.

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